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Hi, this web site is dedicated to engaging people around the world in Environmental Building Design. And based upon the number of unique visitors a month (10,000+) the information appears to be relevant. I have collected a number of the key resources that any designer/builder will require to understand environmental design. More information can be sought with the over 1000 links in the directory. You may also be interested in the EcoLodgical - Green Hotel Environmental Design, Operation and Management Tool. And here's a course I created on the topic of environmental design which was offered by the University of Calgary, Faculty of Continuing Education.

Alex Joseph creator of YourHomePlanet.com
M.E.Des., MBA candidate, B.Sc., LEED® AP
Founding Partner of Elements Group Inc.

Online Environmental Building Design and Operation
University of Calgary, Faculty of Continuing Education

To achieve environmental design it is imperative that the entire design method, approach, and discipline be overhauled. Every component, every guideline, every mark of the pen must consider the implications of the adjective environmental. As such, environmental design must be thought of as an overall approach or philosophy. It's limits go well beyond the practice of design to every aspect of society and to the personal life of every designer. It becomes a way of life, a way of thinking, a means to interact with the world.

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